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Wrap Up

I meant to make this post last night, that is, last year. New Years Eve, or the holidays for that matter, have been largely uneventful. Family was sick so we were not able to gather properly for Christmas and New Year's. They're recovering though, thankfully. I stayed in with the husband (I almost typed boyfriend,… Continue reading Wrap Up


Writer / Wanderer me, a written piece is already "performing" once I've put it on paper. It's already working for an audience (reader), even if it's safely tucked away in my notebook (or saved in a drive). Drafts on paper make me pay more attention to the technical aspects of a written piece. Grammar, punctuation, and paragraph breaks are all important causes. But for me things that have more to do with the story's soul—characters and setting, tone and theme, conflicts and resolutions—are more easily resolved when I'm not yet burdened by a hard copy.