From the Kitchen

Lovely Distraction

A lot of baking has been happening lately, and I think it has an inverse correlation with my word count. There is something satisfying about whisking sweet batter, leaving things to finish off in an oven. Sometimes, I catch myself in a fantasy where I think of a story, imagine its plot unfolding then find… Continue reading Lovely Distraction

From the Kitchen

I’m Bad at Making Simple Soups.

Many would agree they're the easiest to make but I end up with broth that is either bland or has too much of a certain spice or seasoning (I was overzealous with black pepper in the featured soup above.) Or with a pot of waterlogged ingredients that don't look appealing once reheated. Otherwise, I consider… Continue reading I’m Bad at Making Simple Soups.

From the Kitchen

From the Kitchen: The Headless Northern American Seafood

Hard to believe that for someone who loves to cook and eat, I'm posting about food just now. I didn't plan on writing a foodie blog, foodie being a term that manages to be overused even if its definition is elusive. Is it someone with an adventurous palate, willing to try everything, or someone very… Continue reading From the Kitchen: The Headless Northern American Seafood