Writer’s Resolutions

Last year, I realised that I was willing to earn less money to gain more time to write. To this day I’m still thanking myself for quitting the 9-to-5 life, which not only gave me quality time for the craft but also taught me a few things about sustaining a writing life.

So here are a few notes to observe moving forward:

  • I will be mentally prepared for the task. I will set specific goals for each writing session. Realistic goals. There have been too many times when I sat down to write only to panic over the sections I need to revise. Or my lack of ideas to advance the plot. Writing block is stage fright on paper–I have to know exactly what I need to deliver when facing the page.
  •  I will allow my characters to guide (and surprise) me. While I’m the creator of their traits and their circumstances, their thoughts, feelings, and actions should come from them. No more worshipping the outline.
  • Just tea is fine, thank you. Because I don’t need the cheesecake to write. It’s hurting the wallet and the waistline, and I suspect it’s not doing much for the writing either.
  • Patience is key. It could take weeks and weeks for a finished story to fly. If the soldier is not up for a bloodbath, there is no point in joining the battle.
  • That being said, AMfC must be finished this year.

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