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Wrap Up

I meant to make this post last night, that is, last year. New Years Eve, or the holidays for that matter, have been largely uneventful. Family was sick so we were not able to gather properly for Christmas and New Year’s. They’re recovering though, thankfully. I stayed in with the husband (I almost typed boyfriend, haha) and we watched The Time Machine (1960) without really knowing beforehand that the film has a New-Year’s-Eve feel to it. Earlier that day, we visited the Burnaby Village Museum—exhibited on its grounds are establishments and artifacts from the 1920s. I have not read H.G. Wells’ novel so I can’t tell how accurate the movie was, but we were glad for this unplanned alignment of themes.

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For this year, I’m grateful for the opportunities to promote my book and for having paid out my advance as per the first royalty statement. The trips with my mom and husband, airport hassles notwithstanding. For my four-year-old niece enjoying books. Managed to send poems to a literary magazine a day before deadline—I’d be over the moon if they are found fit for publishing.

Every time a year ends, we marvel at how fast it went. But look at this day. January 1st, almost over. Hold on, let me remember this day well. Let it be not just one among many. This morning, my husband and I attended health appointments. We had lunch of homemade meatballs on pappardelle, vegetable salad, leftover bubbly from last night. Being one of the last non-work nights we intend to squander the night properly.

Why would one want a time machine?

Featured photo © 2023 Leah Ranada


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