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FBCW – RCLAS Regional Spotlight

The Federation of BC Writers will be featuring New Westminster's Royal City Literary Arts Society in their upcoming Regional Spotlight on April 26th @ 7pm PST. Whether you're into poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, join us as you might discover a new favourite writer and ask a question or two. I will be reading… Continue reading FBCW – RCLAS Regional Spotlight

from the bookshelf · Writing Desk


At the risk of jinxing a streak, I'll own up to being productive with my writing lately. I commit myself to a thousand words per session. My goal is to have a first draft of the second novel by summer's end. I have procrastinated about this for so long, thinking I need more research before… Continue reading Restart

from the bookshelf · reading

From the Bookshelf: Missing reading time in quarantine

One would think I'm reading more these days, but sadly that's not the case. I've been slow to finish novels the past months. Though working from home freed up hours in my week, it almost feels like a sin to set aside time to just read. Turns out, that three-hour commute to work has been… Continue reading From the Bookshelf: Missing reading time in quarantine