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From the Bookshelf: Missing reading time in quarantine

One would think I’m reading more these days, but sadly that’s not the case. I’ve been slow to finish novels the past months. Though working from home freed up hours in my week, it almost feels like a sin to set aside time to just read. Turns out, that three-hour commute to work has been my optimal reading time. I mentioned that in a previous post. Who knew that the so-called luxury would be disrupted in less than a year?

But I’m going to improve now. Like with writing and working out, I am carving reading time into my days. Along with my morning cereal, I enjoy Téa Mutonji’s Shut Up Your Pretty. Talk about short stories that pack a punch. When reading short story collections in the past, I would begin the next title right after a story because I’m big on efficiency. I don’t know if it’s the current situation or Téa’s powerful writing that’s compelling me to slow down.

Before this, I was reading Andrew Sean Greer’s Less. These days, depictions of modern travel have the same feel of historical fiction–they seem to evoke ways of a distant past. Maybe I’m being too dramatic. People still travel. I gaze up from my desk sometimes and spy an airplane gliding across the sky. Who’s on it, I wonder. Anyway, Arthur Less’ comical misadventures should help with wanderlust under quarantine.


4 thoughts on “From the Bookshelf: Missing reading time in quarantine

  1. Best of luck on the writing and glad you are catching up on the reading. I love how you are consciously carving time for it because it is important to you. And I wonder the same when I see planes, too. Who is on it? A really crazy thought. How far we have come from the past!


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