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Heartwarming Things

Twenty-twenty-three does not feel like a new year anymore. To me there are only weeks and weeks of winter during which I push through my projects. I'm trying out screenwriting. More poems. Last Christmas, my brother gave me this Wordsmithery game. It sits on my writing desk now, assisting in instances of page fright (I… Continue reading Heartwarming Things

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Writing Desk: Postcard from a Lazy November

As if to make up for my hectic October, I'm having an unproductive November. I missed the registration for the next PM course. I signed up for Nanowrimo and as of today, I only have 400+ words to show for it. One would think I should be inspired. There is hope in the air, with… Continue reading Writing Desk: Postcard from a Lazy November

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Autumn Busybody’s Pandemic Poem

I surprised myself this fall by enrolling in a Project Management course. The original plan had been to attend a TESOL program, but admissions required my transcripts from Manila, as well as proof of my English language fluency (smirks). I couldn't take the TOEFL test in time for fall registration and the only way to… Continue reading Autumn Busybody’s Pandemic Poem