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Of Resolutions and Weird Writing Spaces

My new writing space is the top of my intimates’ drawer. I know, I have a completely decent desk with a view (featured here), but after several unproductive writing hours I realised I can’t be creative in the same space I do my day jobs.

My resolutions (not New Year’s because I came up with them around January 7-8) brought me there. I have resolved to write more, to treat fiction like a job. One of the wonderful things to happen in 2020 was getting the call from Newest Press about their offer to publish my debut novel (coming this fall) and even that wasn’t enough for me to feel like a real writer–whatever that means. In a professional office setting, employees are entitled to a suitable workstation. In an attitude shift, I finally told myself that no, it’s NOT frivolous to seek a dedicated writing place.

In the past, my remedy for writer’s block had been to head to a coffee shop and induce a high word count through caffeinated beverage, and at times, a sweet treat. God, the money I wasted. Which brings me to my other resolution: to spend less on discretionary expenses. I consider such experiences an occasional treat these days, made even more rare by this pandemic.

Four thousand words into the new project, I can attest the new space is working out well. The drawer is just the right height for a standing desk. Tapping away on my draft, I’m compelled to correct my bad posture. When energy’s low, I make myself coffee and bring it with me to the bedroom. As I only ever go there to pick things to wear, I have no stressful associations with the space. That it’s facing a bland corner in our bedroom actually helps. I did pretty it up with a vase and some fake flowers I found among the fiancé’s props. Now, I’m more in favour of fresh flowers but in a bid to defeat perfectionism, I decided this arrangement works fine and there is no need to spend money on fresh bouquets to be replaced frequently. Besides, I can already imagine myself getting distracted mid-writing sprint: Is it time to trim the stems? The water looks murky, I need to replace. Maybe I’ll get a nice succulent sometime, but right now I can go by without. And it feels good.

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4 thoughts on “Of Resolutions and Weird Writing Spaces

  1. Cool! Same concept… hindi rin ako makasulat sa work laptop… that’s a cozy space you’ve got there…I can see myself using my drawer too para masulatan, quite intimate indeed 😀
    Checked out the linked post about your workspace, it’s very idyllic…

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