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Sweetness in a Slice of Rejected Pie

Remember those jokes going around the social media about “returning” 2020? The beta isn’t great, it needs a reboot, so on? Well, we’ve used up two-thirds of it. Even if it was possible, a cosmic return-exchange isn’t going to happen at this point. Mindful of time being precious though it hadn’t been what was hoped for, I’m sharing photos from my Summer 2020. Scenes worth remembering from a year we would rather forget.

Taken May 31st, not technically summer yet, but close enough. A red-breasted something. I can’t capture the hummingbirds and an elusive one with feathers the colour of a tennis ball. Took a pandemic for me to notice the birds frequenting the trees surrounding our home.
Taken during a morning walk, July 10th, as well as the Featured Image with pink blooms.
Kayaked at Rocky Point, Port Moody, July 21st. Paddled past these cuties. I think we kind of scared one another.
Managed a sun-baked, greasy-haired selfie too.
August 3rd morning was spent with my mom and brother hiking at Belcarra Regional Park.
My lover is a berry addict. On August 23rd, we drove to Pacific Spirit Park to pick some blackberries. Many were overripe, which I liked more. Being inexperienced foragers, we went without gloves and containers, so ended up with stained fingers and a bulging plastic bag leaking with dark juices. We’ll do better next summer, but we’ll do with the homemade jam until then.

There have been card games and movies. Playing with my toddler niece. Walks in the park. Reader, where ever you are, I hope there have been sweet moments for you too.


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