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My short story in On Spec Magazine

Short and sweet for today: my story, Self-Segmenter, is on the latest edition of On Spec Magazine. In this story, I blend folklore with history by tying the origin of the manananggal to a dark event in Philippine history. Speculative fiction is beyond my comfort zone, so I'm pleased that one of my rare attempts… Continue reading My short story in On Spec Magazine

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Google digs up photos you took with your phone, say, five years ago, so you can look back at your memories. Facebook does this too. They brighten my day. They bother me too. Are our devices and cloud storage becoming the more reliable curator of our past? Sunset captured during a commute. A brunch date… Continue reading Throwback

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Of Resolutions and Weird Writing Spaces

My new writing space is the top of my intimates' drawer. I know, I have a completely decent desk with a view (featured here), but after several unproductive writing hours I realised I can't be creative in the same space I do my day jobs. My resolutions (not New Year's because I came up with… Continue reading Of Resolutions and Weird Writing Spaces

From the Kitchen

I’m Bad at Making Simple Soups.

Many would agree they're the easiest to make but I end up with broth that is either bland or has too much of a certain spice or seasoning (I was overzealous with black pepper in the featured soup above.) Or with a pot of waterlogged ingredients that don't look appealing once reheated. Otherwise, I consider… Continue reading I’m Bad at Making Simple Soups.

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Writing Desk: Postcard from a Lazy November

As if to make up for my hectic October, I'm having an unproductive November. I missed the registration for the next PM course. I signed up for Nanowrimo and as of today, I only have 400+ words to show for it. One would think I should be inspired. There is hope in the air, with… Continue reading Writing Desk: Postcard from a Lazy November

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Autumn Busybody’s Pandemic Poem

I surprised myself this fall by enrolling in a Project Management course. The original plan had been to attend a TESOL program, but admissions required my transcripts from Manila, as well as proof of my English language fluency (smirks). I couldn't take the TOEFL test in time for fall registration and the only way to… Continue reading Autumn Busybody’s Pandemic Poem