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Catch Up

Bringing you up to speed: I got married early September. A month later, I released my debut novel. Big events made quiet and modest by Covid-19 but cherished milestones nonetheless. Perhaps it had been for the best, the universe way of granting my true desires. A celebration of our love and commitment without all-night partying… Continue reading Catch Up

News and Announcements

Launching Cine Star

Exciting times ahead! The Cine Star Salon is coming out and I'll be on a couple of Zoom events to talk about it. The Royal City Literary Arts Society will feature me for their Tellers of Short Tales event on Thursday, September 23rd @ 6pm Pacific time. I'll be reading a bit and answer your… Continue reading Launching Cine Star

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Excerpt from The Cine Star Salon

Things are picking up for me as I prepare for a late summer wedding and a book launch this fall. But here it is, the opening section of my debut novel, The Cine Star Salon. Launch and other related news will be announced soon, but I hope you enjoy this for the meantime. The clanging… Continue reading Excerpt from The Cine Star Salon

News and Announcements

Book Cover: The Cine Star Salon

Finally, I am sharing the book cover for my forthcoming debut novel, The Cine Star Salon. Love that it evokes that aspirational salon vibe while hinting at imperfections beneath the surface (check out that texture). A lovely work by Kate Hargreaves of I promised an excerpt, but for now check out the synopsis at… Continue reading Book Cover: The Cine Star Salon

Publication News

My short story in On Spec Magazine

Short and sweet for today: my story, Self-Segmenter, is on the latest edition of On Spec Magazine. In this story, I blend folklore with history by tying the origin of the manananggal to a dark event in Philippine history. Speculative fiction is beyond my comfort zone, so I'm pleased that one of my rare attempts… Continue reading My short story in On Spec Magazine

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Of Resolutions and Weird Writing Spaces

My new writing space is the top of my intimates' drawer. I know, I have a completely decent desk with a view (featured here), but after several unproductive writing hours I realised I can't be creative in the same space I do my day jobs. My resolutions (not New Year's because I came up with… Continue reading Of Resolutions and Weird Writing Spaces